Monday, February 26, 2007

Vegan Junk Food for the Oscars

cute little tofu hot wings that don't suck at all.

recipe # 195 & 196

People take the Oscars pretty seriously, here in LA. Parties, parties, parties. I went grocery shopping the morning of and I swear it could have been the day before Thanksgiving. Whole Foods was nuts. I waited for a parking spot at Trader Joe's for 12 minutes.

I wasn't planning on doing anything special, but the city at large seemed so festive and it is like the Super Bowl for my husband, I figured WTF and made a few plates of junk food. As I am clearly going thru my vegan stage in learning to cook what I ended up with wasn't all that junky.

First and best were the hot wings. I got the recipe from my friend Lacey's new cookbook, Down to Earth.

Basically it is extra firm tofu dredged in flour, fried and tossed in a spicy sauce. The ranch dip is what is really impressive. It is made mainly of celery, tofu, onions and spike seasoning. I don't love celery, but I really liked this dip. I think I ate most of it. I let my husband eat the potato skins. I didn't love them. I made a nutritional yeast 'cheese' sauce to go on them and I just hate nutritional yeast. Really. It is terrible stuff. It is just okay on popcorn, but intolerable all the other ways I have experienced it.

not good vegan potato skins

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AteThat said...

I really want to try the tofu recipe, but the only kind of tofu I can get locally is that really soft "silky" style of tofu. Any chance you know something I could do to it to make it more usable? Or is it just time to find the nearest East Asian grocery?

CookBad said...

It might be time to find an East Asian store. Today I'll try to dry out and press some silken tofu and see if I can make it more solid. You could also just make it using chicken wings. I bet that would be gooood.
I'll email you the actual recipe.

AteThat said...

Cool, I totally want it. That's the kind of thing you just can't get out here.