Saturday, February 17, 2007

AteThat: Lentil and Black Olive Pate

Lentil and Black Olive Pate
425g/15oz can of lentils, drained
small crushed garlic clove
4 sun-dried tomatoes
120-175g/ 4.5-6oz black olives, pits removed
The juice of half a lemon
Salt and pepper

Put it all in the food processor and puree it.

This came from a vegetarian cookbook called Fast, Fresh and Fabulous. It comes out looking more disgusting then I ever would have imagined. It would be kind to say that it looks like cat food, That said… IT ROCKS! I just wanted to try it because I’m wondering what to make for picnics when it gets warmer. I almost didn’t even taste it, but then when I did I decided that I needed to eat it as my whole lunch (on Oatcakes, they’re like crackers, but oat-y, yum). I’m going to be stocking up on lentils.


CookBad said...

I'm going a little lentil happy myself these days. Maybe we should have a who LENTIL catagory.

AteThat said...

yeah, I went out and got all this great healthy stuff like buckwheat and bulgar wheat etc etc thinking that I would get myself on a diet, but my diet devolved into a promise to stop baking cakes for a little while. I am totally digging the lentils and buckwheat though. Hey, do you have a recipe for that Indian lentil soup (Mulagatawny sp?)? I used to eat it all the time, but the indian restraunts out here don't have it.

CookBad said...

I do. I have a few that are very different. I'll make one soon.

I went out and bought bulgur and oat bran when I was trying to be healthy. Ha.