Monday, February 19, 2007

I need this

Dear AteThat,
Will you get some of this delicious stuff? It will go really well with my brownie guiness ice cream float I like to have on St. Patric's Day.


Anonymous said...

This is available at Hannaford in Greenwich, New York. I know because I almost bought it by mistake. Think it was next to jams--what a rotten suprise THAT would be.

AteThat said...

I will totally get you some of that! I have to get some for me too, even though I think that Marmite is the grossest thing on earth, Albert likes it, and I am intregued. I haven't noticed it in the shops yet, but I'm at the grocery store tomorrow, so I'll check it out and keep you posted.

AteThat said...

I haven't found this yet, but I only went to the little local supermarket. I'm going to the better local in a couple of days (local, but easier with a car). I'm sure they'll have it.