Sunday, February 11, 2007

The Most Lazy Post Ever

This is pretty much what it looked like

recipe #172

I made this. I swear I did. I made it and we ate it so fast that I forgot to take a picture of it and by the time I remembered all that was left was the bottom of the pot and that looked less appetizing than the the tofu scramble.

This is a damn tasty stew. We ate it with a nice, crusty batard. I'm off the pork for the most part, but I found a nice chorizo at the farmers market. I guess the hardest thing about this recipe is finding canned lentils. I think that one could sub lentils soaked for 8 hours.

I'm going to be very very lazy and just post a photo of the recipe. My friend Lara, who lives in the UK sent me this (thanks, la!) so I have no idea the source.

Cod with Smoky Tomato Lentils:

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AteThat said...

It was from Good Housekeeping magazine. I should be ashamed by how much I have grown to like that magazine.