Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Emergen-C vs. Trader Darwin's Drink Mix Booster

Trader Darwin's version of emergen-c

Emergen-c is a staple here in my house. I travel with it. I would put it in the kids bottles when they were younger. It is great over ice with seltzer, providing a less sweet 'healthy' alternative to soda. It is a smashing hangover cure.

The emergen-c/tequila/sprite cocktail is what I would drink at Circus Circus in Reno (dump) on my return home from Burning Man. My first step towards recovery/sickness prevention/health after so much self abuse in the desert. Ha.

I guess if you buy a whole box and you break it down, emergen-c isn't that expensive. About 30 cents a packet. But if you are consuming it in the quantity that this family does, we have sometimes hit as high as $20 a week to support out habit.

Yesterday at Trader Joe's I found what seemed to be a Trader Darwin's alternative to Emergen-C at half the price. I bought 2 boxes. Raspberry and classic lemon.

Trader Darwin's is a Technicolor pink that would be a wonderful hair color but might actually hurt my eyes if I was that hungover. It isn't overly sweet like the undrinkable airborne. Actually, it doesn't taste like much of anything. Just has a fun pink color and is good for you.

Meh, is I guess how I feel about it. I Prefer emergen-c, but might switch to TD's if I continue to feel poor.


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