Friday, February 02, 2007

My Oven. A Love/Hate Relationship

The oven in my new home is a thing of beauty. It is a Wedgwood 40 inch stove from the 1950s. When the gas guy came to turn on the pilot lights for the heat, water heater and my oven he told me that it is a wonderful stove and I might like it more than my last one because it has a low flame setting as opposed to many more modern ovens that have one flame setting and turn the heat on and off to keep the oven temp within a certain range. (long sentence that one was. . . ) It also has a griddle a broiler on one side, the oven on the other and actual cooking instructions on the door of the oven.

The oven door interior has cooking instructions

I like cooking on the stove top. I have enjoyed the convenience of the broiler. The oven, however is non-compliant. I have no idea what temp I am setting it. It smokes--terribly when the tiniest bit of food escapes from it's container. The other day it cooke mac and cheese that would noramlly take 2 hours in about 30 minutes. Not well, either. It has pissed me off a few too many times. Baking is becoming a fucking liability. I'm going to get a grill.

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