Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Garbage Pizza

made with everything about to go bad in the fridge


This dish is almost a cheat. I've made pizza before, I've used all the ingredients on the pizza before. . . It was just the combo of ingredients. It was the night before I was supposed to leave for Burning Man and I need to get rid of everything that was going to go bad in the fridge before I returned. I was so lazy I bought pizza dough from the pizza place up the block. The only think I did differently this time was take care that the crust was actually crispy and and the center of the pizza was not a soup in the end. Hard to do if you don't have an 800 degree over.

Here is what I threw together:
Garbage Pizza
pizza dough (bought from a pizza place becasue I am lazy)
tomato sauce I had in the freezer
Any veggies in the fridge with included:
red pepper
pitted olives
basil on its last legs
left over sausage
home made pesto
fontina cheese (seemed like a better idea than humbolt fog)
and what I think is asiago cheese

I sauteed up the veggies, while pre-heating to oven as high as it would go. Then, I did a mediocre job laying the pizza dough on the pizza stone. Then popped dough on stone into the over for 10 minutes.

Remove what should be more crispy dough. Add sauce all the way to the edges of the pizza,

Remove. All all veggies, dollops of pesto and crumble fontina or whatever cheese you have on hand.

Re-pop. Cook until cheese is getting bubbly and golden. Remove, shred asiago on the top, add sliced fresh basil. Cool, serve with red wine.
maybe even over the edges if you are like me. Re-pop into over for another 10 minutes.

I think I got the technique done this time of pre-cooking the dough, crumbling the cheese and then shredding the hard cheese on after the cooking was finished.

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