Friday, August 18, 2006

Talapia? Maybe...

Stick a fork in me. I'm done.
My husband has been working very hard this week. He is an actor and has had one week of rehersal before he has to start his new job. He has to hang upsidedown for 20 minutes and deliver his lines in an Irish accent. . . on Broadway. He starts tomorrow afternoon. We are all tired. I want takeout, but we have this damn talapia in the fridge about to go bad. I'm lying here watching No Reservations on DVR. The Vegas one. It is pretty good. He didn't totally trash Flay.

The thing about my husbands new gig is that for the next 3 months my husband won't be eating dinner until 11 pm or midnight. He can't eat before a show, due to the hanging upsidedown. Throwing up on stage is not the plan. So, the new goal is finding dishes that you can easily reheat, eat at room temp or eat cold.

This is the menu for the coming week:
doubles (trinadadian breakfast/drunk food)
salsa verde
almond fig muffin
santa fe chicken
turkey fig sandwich
slow braised pork with grapes
whole fish baked in salt

I can freeze 3 of them for dinner while I'm gone. Maybe I'll switch gears and make more desserts or breakfast dishes.

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