Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Hard Cider

recipe #96

I went apple picking with my sister last week with the sole purpose of getting a boat load of apples I could turn into booze. I peeled them, ran them thru the juicer I have used maybe only twice in the 5 years I have owned it and then poured it in a seltzer bottle.

I read a few different websites that tell you how to make hard cider. Some are very picky and specific with wine making ingredient. others just say shove it in a cool dark place semi-covered for a month or so. I choose the middle route. I added some sugar, a bit of yeast and covered with plastic with only a tiny hole poked in the top. I'm going to try it in 3 weeks.

When I woke up this morning the cider had done this:

spewing all over my wall

The final product can be seen here.

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