Friday, October 06, 2006


the green fairy

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The truth is that you cannot really make absinthe without a distiller. I looked into one. I found them for $200 and up. The 200 dollar one was made from an old beer keg and for sale on ebay. Other distillers were for sale with photos of topless women standing next to them. Hot stuff, but still, not enough to make me shell out the big money. Plus, I'm not sure I could safely distill in my apartment w/ 2 small kids. Maybe when we move to LA and get a back yard I can set up my illegal moonshine/absinthe shop.

So, without distilling, I had to fake it. I soaked a mess of stuff-- most importantly wormwood in everclear for a week. I added a wee bit of salvia to the mix just incase the wormwood fails to cause its desired effects.

I'm going to test it out on folks at Playa del Fuego this weekend.

I'll post the results.

BTW, this is the face my husband made when he tried it.

It is true, it tastes something like soap even after the warm water and sugar has been added. Oh well. Maybe folks won't notice after some starter shots of tequila.

Absinthe NOT a hit at Playa Del Fuego. Here are a couple pictures as proof:gag

not awesome

Well, to be really honest I stopped offering it to people after the 2nd person to try it gagged and needed to go sit down and chew gum to get the taste out of her mouth. It occurs to me today that maybe she was just being dramatic.

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