Tuesday, October 10, 2006

wrapping up my Indian cooking phase

saag gosht and sambaar
recipes #89 - 95

I'm getting ready to stop with the Indian cooking already. Here are the last few dishes that I made. All from Classic Indian Cooking by Julie Sahni.

This was my lunch of leftover Saag Gosht (Lamb in Spinach Sauce). Chaunk Gobhi aur Sem Sambaar (Spicy Brussel Spout Stew with green bean and lentils) and some lime pickle on the side.


The bhartha (spicy smoked eggplant) was pretty good and very easy to make.

Aloo Mirch

Same with the Aloo Mirch (tumeric potatoes with peppers). The recipe called for green peppers, but I had orange ones that I think were much prettier and taste better too. This is good with riata.

I also made mysore rasam (mysore spicy lentil broth), khatte channe (chick peas in tamarind sauce) and a terrible cornish hen with apricot sauce I'm not even going to go look up the indian name for. To be avoided at all costs. More pictures as I re-heat.

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