Monday, October 30, 2006

Scotch Woodcock

scotch woodcock, indeed

recipe #118

I made this recipe for 2 reasons. The first and most obvious is because of it's name. The second it because the eggs sounded so delux. This Scottish breakfast/brunch is just terrible for you (except for the nice amount of omega-3 in it). Never make this for someone on lipitor.

It is another fun recipe from my old Joy of Cooking:
Scotch Woodcock
--2 slices of bread
Cut into fingers, butter well and spread with a thin layer of:
--Anchovy paste
Beat together:
--3 or 4 egg yolks
--1/2 cup of cream
--1/8 teaspoon pepper
--1/8 teaspoon salt
Melt in a double boiler:
--2 tablespoons of butter
Add egg mixture and scramble until creamy. Arrange the anchovy toast on a hot dish and cover with egg mixture.
Garnish with:
--Chopped parsley

The eggs were fantastic. Use only a very thin layer of anchovy paste unless you love anchovies. It isn't bad. It is actually pretty good, but I think this is the only time I'm going to make this.

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Decadently delicious.