Thursday, October 19, 2006

Banh Mi Thit Cha and Green Tea Candy

UPDATE: recipes for banh mi here and here.

I found a recipe for a 'vietnamese sandwich' on and was planning on making it later this week. This is what prompted me to order what was called the 'vietnamese sandwich' or banh mi thit cha at lunch today from Nha Trang Palace in Brooklyn Chinatown (good, friendly, fast restaurant). The sandwich was $3.00. It was fantastic. There was a layer of something mayonnaise/pate like on the bottom of the sandwich and the shredded carrots were pickled. I think that the 2 different kinds of meat on it are both pork.

I'm going to try every vietnamese sandwich I can find from now on.

We also got some fantastic greet tea candy that reminds my husband of milk duds.

highly recommended

kind of chewy, not too sweet

We are going back for more of both tomorrow.


Kevin said...

That Green Tea Candy looks delicious. And if you ever do go to Little Saigon, make sure to get their really cheap bahn mis, they are really authentic in that they use a crispy baugette, the picture makes it look like some sort of hoagie. But avoid the chain: Lee's Sandwhiches. They mass produce mediocre bahn mis, go to smaller ones like bahn mi che cali. And if unsure, just follow where all the Vietnamese people go, following the crowd is the best bet for getting good food. Little Saigon will help you explore the 3 different regions of Vietnamese cooking, all uniquely different. Have fun exploring.

Dr.Gray said...

I love green tea candy, wish they made it more often.

Anonymous said...

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