Monday, October 09, 2006

Eating at Playa del Fuego

Just a couple of shots from Playa del Fuego this weekend.

Orson with sandwich in his wee camp chair

our pornj food prep area/van hood

the only thing Lola ate the whole time were her candy necklaces

This is pretty much the only thing that I made there that was new. It is called aloo chat and is basically an indian mint potato salad. Doesn't sound awesome but it is. Easy too. Basically it is just boiled and peeled potatoes, chopped mint, chopped cucmbers, lemon juice (or mango powder), salt and roasted crushed cumin and corriander seeds.

recipe #87
aloo chat

I used tiny purple potatoes I found at the farmers market in Troy NY. I think that purple foods are the New Black.

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