Saturday, September 30, 2006

Month of Indian Cooking

indian dinner for my dad
recipes # 53-63

It has been way way too long in between logs.

First, I broke my camera. I went to a wedding at Gustavinos and dropped my camera onto the marble floor.

Second, I've been a bit busy. I'm not sure with what. . but just busy.

I think I must have tried at least 30 new recipes. Most of them Indian. I'm just going to make a list, post recipes from those that aren't from the Julie Sahni book and then just try to start blogging more regularly.

The picture above is a dinner I made for my Dad. It is Rogani Gosht, peach pilaf, indian fried rice, herb stuffed oakra, beet relish, mint relish, and hydrabad hot chutney. That is recipes #53-60

I made crab malabar (which wasn't so great, but made a fantastic crab cake the next day) and stuffed tomatoes (bhare tamatar) as starters. Recipes 61 and 62.

crab malabar

For dessert I made what Sahni calls a coconut fudge. Fudge it was not. I messed it up and it never solidified, so I just served it over ice cream. Recipe # 63

chutneys and relishes

indian fried rice with purple cauliflower

all photos from this post taken by Bill Eastman

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