Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Burning Man -Food of the Playa

My stash of food that I hardly ate

the amazing meat cookie invented by a space cowboy

avocado, tomato, crustini salad made by Lacey @ Disor6nt

Chair Taco. Panda said if I just set it outside for long enough it would cook itself. hmmm. . . .

Slash and Burn Huevos Rancheros


After we decided that we really couldn't hack it in the tent we moved into an RV. I got to cook a bit and I made a quick huevos with what was around. Panda bought mini tacos from Costco, we had eggs, spicy cheese, salsa and lettuce. I made an scramble with the eggs, salsa and cheese which I served over the pan fried (not chair made) tacos. It was tasty served wapped in lettuce.

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