Friday, September 08, 2006

Bacon Mayonnaise a.k.a my new favorite thing ever

see, I have the teeshirt to prove it

DISH 39:
New Things: I've never made my own mayonnaise before

I just put on m I heart bacon shirt I'm so excited about this.

Bacon Mayonnaise. It is like the of Tommy Burger Mayonnaise. Possibly the unimog of mayonnaise. Big, serious, perfect.

I first read about it on Skillet Doux. He has a recipe there and that is the one that I worked from. He's funny too. He mentions the original idea isLouisa Chu's. She has quite a nice blog here.

So here is Skillet Doux's version of the bacon mayo.

I made mine slightly differently. And, I think the adjustment is fucking genius.

Instead of lemon, I added tomato pulp. The slimy stuff that the tomato seeds hang out it. I hate it on my sandwiches, but I thought it would have just the right amount of sour. Plus, I was out of lemon.

Not only did it make my mayo pretty, it made the mayo sort of taste like a BLT. Perfect for breakfast sandwiches, in tuna for tuna salad. It is pretty amazing.

I had a hard time getting the emulsion right. It tends to separate. In its current incarnation it is more of a sauce, or dressing. But as I am planning on making this often, I'm sure I'll get it right soon, and then. . . I can start taking over the world.

cue evil laughter.

I made a BLT out of it. I haven't eaten it yet. I am waiting for my husband to get home so he and I can bask in it's glory together.

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