Saturday, September 16, 2006

Brioche Brunch Sandwich from Top Chef

DISH #52
New Thing: Brioche and manchego

I'm such a dork making the top chef sandwiches, but they are so good so I'm not too ashamed to post them. I already made the Grape Ape. .. it is about 10 posts back.

Here is the recipe:

Brunch Brioche Sandwich
2 Slices of Brioche, toasted
1 Sunnyside up Egg
1 oz. Shaved Fennel
1/2 oz. Diced Plantains, caramelized
1/2 oz. Diced Mango, caramelized
1 Slice of Manchego Cheese
1 Slice of Proscuitto, crisped

1. On brioche, place egg and cheese.
2. Mix fennel, plantain, mango and place on top.
3. Top with proscuitto and other slice of brioche.

I made a couple of changes. I made the sandwhich much bigger, used bacon instead of proscuitto (which I think is an improvement) and SALT!!! There is no salt mantioned at all. Salt the mango and plantians while they caramelize and salt the egg/eggs.

It is a great sandwhich. I often can't decide between sweet and savory for brunch and this solves the problem. It is a great mix of both. Love it.

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