Sunday, May 20, 2007

Tuna Noodle Casserole

Not fancy I know, but a good comfort food nonetheless.

I kind of made this up as I went along. First make your pasta (about 1lb), I had some whole wheat fusili. I think any of the shape pastas would be fine. I used a b├ęchamel sauce similar to the one in the Roasted Vegetable and Brown Rice Gratin. Once the flour milk and butter had thickened, I added a ton of grated cheese, I used cheddar and a bit of leftover parmesan. Stirred until the cheese melted. I seasoned it with tobasco, Worcestershire, Dijon mustard, and salt and pepper. Sounds weird I know, but the sauce can take on a lot of flavor. It was really just a bit tangy which was nice.

Drain the pasta, put back in the pot and mix with the sauce, and some tuna (I used two cans), and whatever else you have in the house that might be good, or might be about to go bad. I used a tomato, some green olives, and some frozen (thawed) corn. Put it all in a casserole dish, top with some more cheese and pop in the oven 180c/350f for about 15 min, till the cheese is all melted and it looks good.

This was total comfort. It had been a long day and everyone was hungry. This only takes 15min more then making pasta, so it’s super quick, super easy, and it all got eaten up. I like it because it’s quick and easy and still has a protein and some vegetable in it. Not diet friendly, but healthy all the same.

I’d do this again.

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