Thursday, May 24, 2007

I'm Back

Lola's birthday and some damn fine vegan cupcakes with chocolate ganache or lemon frosting

I'm back. I was away for a while doing nothing in particular other than hatching sinister plans on how to take over the LA catering world. Luckily for all you caterers in the SoCal area, I'm a little to lazy to get really into it right now. . .

So, I'll start blogging again instead.

Right now it is all about vegan food. I've been cooking pretty much nothing but since February. I've had a few stints with meat (usually for guests, or for a really special occasion) but for the most part I'm not even touching cheese.

My daughters Birthday was last weekend and I prepared party/lunch/kids food for 35 that was entirely (with the exception of a plate of grilled cheese) vegan. I didn't tell anybody this, and I hoped no one would notice. I think that the mark of a great vegan meal is 1) non-vegans not noticing the lack of meat and dairy 2) everyone enjoying the meal 3) People requesting recipes. I got all of the above.

I think that this whole vegan thing is going to have to take a break. In about 5 days we are going to drive across country again and camp most of the way. I've been to the middle of this country and there are long stretches of highway where your options are l most exclusively meat, 'cheese' and wheat in some form.


Jacqueline said...

please post your vegan cupcakes recipe!!!!

AteThat said...

Me too! I want to try some vegan baking.