Sunday, December 02, 2007

rabbit and dumplings

tender as you like rabbit stew with the best dumplings ever
recipe here

Did you know.. . and this is as true as death and taxes. .. that if you are lost in the wilderness and can manage to snare yourself a few hares to eat (and nothing else- not including water- not that you can snare that) . . you will still die of starvation if you don't eat the entire critter? Bones, eyes, brain, guts, (not hair) are all require for human survival. Rabbits have such little muscle fat that you can starve eating nothing but rabbit flesh.

moving on. . .
I got the newish Cook with Jamie, Jamie Oliver book, my first J.O. book. It's a nice book. He is cute and social conscious, pretty photos. . . and the recipes are solid.

Rabbit with dumplings was my first shot.

Now, finding a butchered rabbit in West L.A. is not only hard, but very expensive. Whole Foods won't carry them because they are all antibioticed up. I paid $30 at Gelson's (boo), which is the same I would have paid for a sweet angora LIVE dwarf rabbit at the local pet emporium. Totally ridiculous.

Still, the meal was fantastic. You could sub in chicken parts for the rabbit and sub in plain old flour with a teaspoon of baking soda per half cup where the recipe calls for self-rising flour.


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