Friday, March 09, 2007

My Own Sterling Vineyard Meritage

my very own meritage

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In the summer of 2003, my husband and I went with my inlaws to Napa to, amoung other things make our own Meritage and Sterling Vinyards. How fancy is that?

It was a great time. We stayed in a house in a vineyard, ate good food, stayed buzzed for almost 3 days straight and toured a bunch of great vineyards. I think Rombauer was my favorite. Good wine, nice folks and we ended up having a great picnic with the owners.

Anyway, 2 night ago my husband was collecting a bunch of stuff that we have had in storage for years when he came across my bottle. It had been in an attick which must have gone from 90+ degrees down to 40 over and over and over.
Merlot:: 59%
Malbec:: 0%
Cab. Franc:: 0%
Cab. Sauvignon:: 29%
Petit Verdot:: 12%

us making/designing the meritage

It was wrecklessly tannin heavy. We each got 2 bottles, had a blind taste test a few years ago and mine came in dead last. The flavor improved over the 40 minutes it took us (mainly me) to knock the bottle back-- but not much.

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