Monday, July 09, 2007

Pretty New Book

So today is my birthday and my husband got me (among other things) this pretty new book.

It’s a 1953 edition of The Joy of Cooking. I am so psyched. I have developed a bit of an obsession with 1950’s cooking lately. I already used it once, and I am having such a good time looking through it. It seems like the tone of older cookbooks is so different.
There was a cookbook I was reading once that said that the main difference between cooking then, and cooking today, is that back then the emphasis was on getting cheap, and not terribly great ingredients, and figuring out a way to cook them (usually for a long time), to make them really good. Today the emphasis is more on getting the best and freshest ingredients, things that may not have been widely available (if available at all) back then, and because of that, the cooking is faster and simpler. The author was making the point that coming out of the war and the depression years, cooking really had to transform the things that were available, like cheaper cuts of meat etc.
It’s an interesting thought. I did notice that this old edition had sections noted as “Thrift” recipes.
Also, I just love “traditional” cooking. I feel like if I am doing this to learn about cooking, then it’s important to spend a good amount of time learning about haw it was done, as well as learning how it is done today.
Also, the pictures in it are really funny.

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