Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Marinated Mozzarella in Crème Fraiche with lemon and marjoram

Slice up 4 balls of buffalo mozzarella around 1cm(1/2 inch) thick, place on a large plate or dish and smear all over with a small tub, or 6 heaped tbsp of crème fraiche. Season with sea salt and black pepper. Wash and peel 1 lemon with a with a vegetable peeler, and finely chop half of the rind. Sprinkle this over the mozzarella and squeeze over half of the juice. Put the left-over lemon half to the side in case the flavor needs tweaking later. Sprinkle over a handful of fresh marjoram leaves. Taste for a good balance of flavors.
Halve, deseed, and finely slice a couple of fresh chilies. Sprinkle over the mozzarella, drizzle over 4 tbsp of olive oil, and serve in the middle of the table, or as part of another dish. Any left-overs will keep a couple of days in the fridge, or can be baked on a piece of cod.

This was amazing. No small shock it was a Jamie Oliver. It was gorgeous to look at, easy and fast to make, and really tasty. We had some people over last weekend, and I made this and the dips and the bread. Everything was a big hit. This one was so fast that I was able to make it right before they got here.

I would not have though of putting Crème Fraiche on cheese, it’s a weird idea, but the flavors complimented each other really well, and the lemon and chilli kept it from being boring. This is great to make when you have guests because it makes a beautiful centerpiece. I would like to have tried to use the left-overs with fish, but there were no left-overs to be had.


Anonymous said...

I have made this as a starter with variety of breads for my friends. It was simply delicious!!!

Anonymous said...

had this at a friend's on saturday and plan to make it next weekend. Brilliant!

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