Saturday, April 28, 2007

Houmous Mash

I don’t even have a picture of this one. My husband said I have to blog it though because it’s a great story involving triumph over adversity… and yummy houmous.

2x400g cans of chickpeas
50g/2oz feta
1 tbsp oil

Tip the chick peas into a sieve, and pour over boiling water to warm them, then whiz them in a food processor with the feta and the oil. Add a few drops of water to loosen if necessary, then season to taste.

From Good Food Magazine. Sometimes their recipes are so good it’s amazing… this was NOT one of those times!!!! This came out so bad, I was actually shocked. I was going to serve it with some left over sausages, and was kind of out of time, so in the end I just made it into an enormous batch of houmous. You can never have too much Houmous in the house.

Bad recipe, saved only by ignoring it completely.

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