Thursday, April 03, 2008

Paper Chef Challenge #28: The ingredients are. . . .


Here is it is:
The challenge is to come up with a dish and make it by April 8th from the following ingredients.

Any kind of offal (it's making a comeback!), quinoa, spring onions and something that is growing now & in season your area (meat included).

The last part is inspired by the woman behind the challenge, Lucullian delights amazing strawberry dish, which are certainly stating to pop up in some part of the world.

If you are still stuck under 3 feet of snow, then pick ingredient that you are most looking forward to having fresh in spring.

All entries must be in by midnight PST on April 8th.

Send the following to
• A little picture of the dish, and what you call it.
• A link to your blog URL
• A link to the post that your dish is on
• You name
• Anything else you would like me to add

Looking forward to seeing them all!



Ilva said...

Great but difficult! This is the way the PC challenge SHOULD be! And thanks for the compliment!

Dolores said...

A question. For the "offal" ingredient, I've got a selection of Chris Cosentino's "tasty salted pig parts" - salumi made primarily from offal. Does that satisfy the requirements, or do you want offal 'from scratch'?

CookBad said...

It absolutely does work. It is a really good way to approach a difficult challenge.

Kai said...

Does the roe (the pink bit) from scallops count as offal?

RevBad said...

I'm on the fence with scallop roe. Most roe isn't offal, but what the heck. . . I want to know what your are going to do with it.

CookBad said...

Revbad is my husband being my mouth piece, and I'm going to agree. Not so much offal, but I am really looking forward to what you do with it. Where does one procure scallop roe, anyway?

Kai said...

You have to buy the whole scallop. But I can't think of a way to really make it work and it is slightly cheating ;) But I do have an idea though!

Helen said...

Oh no! Why do I have in my diary 'April 17th check paper chef ingredients'? I've missed it! What a muppet.....

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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