Monday, November 06, 2006

Squash Seed Dip

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This is a modified version of Diana Kennedy's Pumpkin seed dip recipe or sikil-p'ak which you can find here.
Squash Seed Dip
Yield: 6 Servings
1 c. raw squash seeds
¼ c. cashews
1 Chile habanero; or any fresh hot green chile, wiped clean
2 md tomatoes; broiled
1 ½ ts Salt; or to taste
2 tb (heaping) chopped coriander leaves
1/4 c. grilled and chopped onions
⅔ c beef, chicken or veg. broth
Tortilla chips and maybe sour cream

MAKES 1.5 CUPS Heat a thick frying pan or comal and toast the seeds, turning them constantly, until the hulls are well browned and crisp (some types of seeds will start to pop open).

Add cashews and toast for one minute more. Set them aside to cool off.

Meanwhile, toast the chile, turning it from time to time until it is blistered and black-brown in spots.

Using an electric coffee/spice grinder, grind the toasted seeds, together with the salt to a coarse powder. Transfer to a small serving bowl.

In a food processor blend the tomatoes briefly with 1/3 cup of the stock. Add the ground seeds, together with the coriander, chopped onions, and whole chile ( if you prefer a more picante dish, blend the chile with the tomatoes before mixing them with the seeds).

Serve it at room temperature, as a dip. The mixture should have the consistency of mayonnaise. If it is too thick, you may have to add a little more broth to dilute it.

It looks like cat food, doesn't it? It tastes pretty good. It has a nice slow heat and it is great with beer. I think that a dollop of sour cream wouldn't hurt either. Switching out almonds for cashews would be good too.

Anyway, it is a nice thing to do with your squash seeds or a good alternative to just plain old toasted pumpkins seeds.
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Nan the Terrible said...

Query: My favorite scone recipe calls for Crisco--yes, Crisco--as well as butter. Any suggestions for a substitute that avoids the dread transfats??

caroline said...

You bet, NTT. . .
Crisco makes a non transfat version these days. It is in a green can and you can find it at the new Hannaford.
: )