Sunday, November 05, 2006

Eating at NYC Decompression 2006

I have very little to report from Decompression 2006. I was there for only 4 hours during the day with the kids. I left before the party even really started. We planned on going back for the big fun and the long haul into morning. There was going to be Sparks all night and french toast served for breakfast. But, a bus hit our van on the way home. No one was hurt, but we didn't feel like going out again after that.

Still, I did have one wonderful thing:

Dub Pies. Meat and mushroom. Amazingly good meat and mushroom filling (comes in meat and cheese or vege too) in a very flakey almost pastry crust. Mr. Dub Pie was giving them out in small brown paper bags to all the volunteers early in the afternoon. Lovely treat. Thanks.

Photos from the kids lounge here.

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