Saturday, March 29, 2008

Home, Land: cooking.

Its lemon verbena growing right under my mailbox. Who knew? Caroline.

By Cookbad

My friend, also a Caroline -- and fellow alum from the fantastic graduate program at Tisch School of the Arts, Interactive Telecommunication Program at New York University (which means both of us spent 2 years bound up in code and circuits & making glorious works of art with them) has taken up the challenge of blogging every single kind of plan that grows on her place in Monrovia.

Yes. That was one sentence and I am keeping it.

I digress.

Many of the plants she is blogging you can eat, which interests me greatly. If you are anyplace in the Southern California area and have a plant question, I'll bet she can answer it.

Here is her site.


Knit One said...

I'm afraid the plant under your mailbox is a scented geranium, not lemon verbena. Lemon verbena is a great plant. It turns fruit salad into a special treat, but it's leaves are totally different from those pictured.

kamagra oral jelly said...

Whyy the hell you think that I'm interesting where he or she study...
Anyway, I didn't notice it about, but since 3 weeks ago I know that almost all my plants on my yard can be eat it, which is amazing and I have been looking for some recipes. thanks.

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