Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Scallion pancake fry up

I got this idea from Matzo Brie, where you break up the extra matzo and mix it with eggs (this is obviously an oversimplification). I figured why not do it with the extra spring onion pancake the next morning.

Cut the pancake up into bite sized pieces. In a separate bowl mix about 5 eggs with a little milk, salt and pepper. Add some fresh chopped parsley (to combat the onion-y-ness of the pancake, it is breakfast time after all). Then add the pancake pieces into the bowl and stir to coat it all completely.

Heat up a pan (non stick) and melt some butter in it. Add your egg mix and leave it alone till it starts to set, then mix it around in the pan like you were making scrambled eggs till it’s done.

This was really satisfying. The parsley did a good job balancing out the onions, and the thick chewy pieces of pancake made it really filling and comforting. Whenever I make scallion pancakes in the future, I will always set aside a little to make this for breakfast the next day. I loved it!

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