Thursday, February 21, 2008

MEGA Sandwich Chart

by Cookbad

As part of an ongoing effort to make our upcoming book, Fresh Eggs Don't Float (buy it now!) as awesome as it can be, I'm asking for a little input on a beta sandwich chart I'm been working on. The sandwiches included are:

Bánh mì, barros jappa, bacon lettuce & tomato, chip butty, cheesesteak, choripan, club sandwich, croque-monsieur, croque-madame, cubano, cucumber sandwich, dagwood, francesinha, french dip, gyros, hamburger, hero, submarine, hoagie, grinder, italian beef, hot dog, hot brown, lobster roll, loose meat, monte cristo, muffuletta, pan bagnat, panino, peanut butter & jelly, po' boy, primanti, ruben, sandwich de miga, smörgåstårta, sliders, sloppy joe, st. paul sandwich, tea sandwich, & torta.

The chart lays out what the sandwich is made of, entomology, variations, & origins.

I'm SURE there are spelling mistakes. Please ignore them.

The information is pretty solid, but sandwiches are very subjective. Any advice, opinions, ideas, blazing omissions, thoughts, design improvements, or fan mail would be greatly appreciated and might even land you a thank you in the book. Seriously.



Thank you!!


Mia said...

This is quite the sandwich chart - very impressive! My only comments are for the "sandwich de miga," which I ate lots of during a 6-month stay in Argentina. My favorite kind was cheese and olive - cheese, probably some mayo, and lots of thinly-sliced green olives. This is a pretty popular variety, as is tuna. Ham and cheese is pretty classic, too, although I'm not much of a jamon kinda gal. I must say that I've never seen lettuce on a sandwich de miga though. Also, the bread is always very, very thinly sliced, and crustless.

Mia said...

Oh, and I forgot - "miga" in Spanish means "crumb," which is odd, because the pan de miga is never crumbly at all...more like Wonder Bread than anything else.

CookBad said...

Mia, Thanks for your comment. Noted and will be in the revised version! Thanks again.

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U.S.Sandwich Council said...

Wonderful work! Is there a more recent version of this chart?